Viswabrahmana Dharma Peetham (A P)

విశ్వబ్రాహ్మణ జాతికి విశిస్టమైన సమ్స్క్రుతి సఁప్రదాయములు మరియు ఉజ్వలమైన చరిత్ర కలవు. వేదాలలోను, రామాయణ

మహభారతాలలోను కాక,విశ్వకర్మ పురాణము, మూలస్తఁభ పురాణాలొc వీరెయొక్క ప్రశక్తి ప్రశఁసలున్నవి. పట్టణ నిర్మాణము,

యఙ్ఞనిర్వహణాము,యఙ్ఞొపకరణములు కూర్పు, శస్ట్త్రాస్త్ర ఉపకరణల తయారి , ప్రాకార హర్మ్యాది నిర్మాణము, శిల్పశాస్త్ర రచనము

మొదలగు అనేక మహాకార్య విశేషములు చేతనేకాక, భవనాసన, శయన, భూషణ, భోజనాద్యుపకరణములు వంటి సర్వజనపయోగ

కార్యములచేత గూడ ఉన్నతులై యంతో ఖ్యాతి గడించారు. .... Read More


Sculpture and performance of Vedic rites are the obligatory duties of the members of this community. But as the time passed their obligatory duty got restricted to sculpture only for historical reasons and their glory also declined. They lost their recognition as Brahmins in the society and are being looked down. Many dignitaries of this community do not know the glorious history and greatness of their community, what to speak of the common man? Compatible with time they are getting well educated and also earning well. But, due to their is inflatable craze for the western culture they are neglecting their own great culture and traditions formed on the basis of great human values of life viz truth, righteousness(dharma), peace and non-violence emphasised in the Vedas.

In the rich and modern western countries violence is rampant due to lack of these human values and their people do not have peace and their life is in danger. These countries are looking towards India for direction and guidance.

Viswabrahmins are facing many problems such as financial, professional, social, political etc. Many Viswabrahmin organisations are coming up to tackle these and are functioning in their own (limited) ways. As such, these are unable to convince, the government to respond and take effective steps to solve these problems, due to lack of unity, strong and collective representation from a common platform.

Dharama of Viswabrahmins is possession of knowledge of self(atmagnanam), self confidence and improvement of character and following good customs. Peetham is an organisation meant to propagate knowledge and wisdom regarding culture, love of God and mother land and good customs.

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26 JAN

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